The Inside of Out

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The Inside of Out PDF ebook download The Inside of Out is a collection of poems and essays written by Jena Strong. First of all, I love this book. Second, I treasure it intimately. I can read it over and over and every time I read some of the highlighted verses, I'd feel comfortable and that is for sure. Jena Strong has written each and every poem/essay personally, and that is to say those are based on her life experiences. She voices out everything to the world through this book that when you read her words, you will be enveloped by strong emotions.

She mostly inspired me to make my own version of her The One Hundred Year Perspective which I have yet to write.

As a weakling, it seems like she knows how I feel (mostly at the end of the day) thus reminding and hitting me with strong words such as "when some heavy weight is pressing down on your chest, pinning you down, making it hard to breathe, you have the power to turn that shit over. Get on top. Own it."

It's a book that can change things a bit. To be honest, I quite like her perspective on some things; to be vulnerable is not so bad if you know what you are doing, mindful in little things, and living life freely. Worry is just a waste of time but I can't help it sometimes. Then again at the end of the day, your life depends on how you deal with things. I may have made a lot of odd things in the past but those don't stop me from moving forward. Overall, this book is a good read. It kind of helps me in taking life lightly as much as possible.

eBook The Inside of Out

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