Dark Angel

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Dark Angel PDF ebook download Can love save a soul?

Cassandra Griman was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. She'd stayed out at the bars until last call, and on her way home was cornered in an alleyway by four men. That night might have been her last...until she was saved by an angel.

But first impressions aren't everything, and Cassandra soon realizes that the captivating woman who saved her life is no angel. In fact, Elle is a powerful vampire who was exiled from Boston fifty years ago. But Elle has returned now to exact revenge.

And Cassandra is caught in the middle of it.

Elle is cruel and has a very dark past, but despite everything, Cassandra feels herself drawn to the mesmerizing vampire. Is there more to Elle than meets the eye, or is Cassandra falling for a woman far past saving?

A dark and sensual romance that explores power and love, the novel DARK ANGEL, will leave you spellbound.

eBook Dark Angel

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