Scja Sun Certified Java Associate Study Guide (Exam CX-310-019)

PDF-file by Robert Liguori

Scja Sun Certified Java Associate Study Guide (Exam CX-310-019) PDF ebook download The best fully integrated study system available for Exam CX-310-019With hundreds of practice questions and hands-on exercises, SCJA Sun Certified Java Associate Study Guide covers what you need to know—and shows you how to prepare—for this challenging exam. 100% complete coverage of all objectives for SCJA Exam CX-310-019Exam Readiness checklist—you're ready for the exam when all objectives on the list are checked offInside the Exam sections highlight key exam topics coveredTwo-Minute Drills for quick reviewSimulated exam questions match the format, tone, topics, and difficulty of the real examCovers all the exam topics, including:Packaging, Compiling, and Interpreting Java Code * Java Statements * Java Operators and Strings * Classes and Variables * Variable Scope and Class Construction * Classes and their Relationships * Class Inheritance * Object-oriented Principles * Representing Object-oriented Concepts with UML * Platforms and Integration Technologies * Client-side Technologies * Server-side TechnologiesCD-ROM includes:Complete MasterExam practice testing engine, featuring: One full practice exam; Detailed answers with explanations; Score Report performance assessment toolElectronic book for studying on the go Bonus downloadable MasterExam practice test with free online registration

eBook Scja Sun Certified Java Associate Study Guide (Exam CX-310-019)

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