Pablo Lopez Luz

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Pablo Lopez Luz PDF ebook download The aerial photographs of Pablo Lopez Luz (born 1979) rove across the urban landscapes of his native Mexico, capturing scenes of dense civic activity and more pastoral areas on urban perimeters. Luz's bird's-eye viewpoint endows his images with the feel of staged artifice, while also permitting the viewer the rare possibility of appraising a vast spread of visual information, and the extraordinary impact that urban populations have as they encroach in ever-increasing circles upon the landscape around them. For Luz, aerial photography serves the purposes of social critique, allowing him "to portray the effect that overpopulation followed by a lack of structure or guidelines in the development of cities alters the city s terrain and land." "Pablo Lopez Luz" contains color photographs produced over the last five years in Acapulco, Chiapas, Mexico City and Tijuana, plus another series made in Hong Kong.

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