West, Volume 1

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West, Volume 1 PDF ebook download Imagine your Western Civilization students evaluating evidence, making connections, and thinking analytically about the past and present. Imagine your students better understanding the development of western ideas and values and the impact on today's world. "WEST," a brief, lively narrative offers a rich, innovative and integrated teaching and learning program for today's Western Civilization courses. One that combines an outstanding design and a ground-breaking digital program, "Connect History," that embraces instructor's course goals while meeting students where they learn best, in an active environment.
"WEST" illustrates the significance of economic, political, social and cultural interactions that shaped Western Civilization while asking students to analyze events and themes in order to build a greater understanding of the past and its influence and impact on the present. With "WEST," students are no longer simply reading a static page. They are interacting and engaging in a visual and hands-on learning experience. As students experience the history of Western Civilization, "WEST" builds the critical analysis skills that will student success in this history course and beyond.

eBook West, Volume 1

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