From Rome to Beijing

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From Rome to Beijing PDF ebook download The purpose of this volume, FROM ROME TO BEIJING, is to record a roundtable discussion in which scholars from all over the world offered their assessments of Robert Jewett’s ground-breaking Romans Commentary. It is especially valuable in light of Jewett’s exegetical, rhetorical, socio-scientific, theological, and political readings of Romans; it also provides a platform for scholars who wished to construct gospel messages in reference to their cultural contexts or the modern world, as these scholars grapple with the insights or hermeneutical issues suggested by the Commentary on the Book of Romans.
In November 2006, Robert Jewett published the results of his career study of Romans in the 1100-page ROMANS COMMENTARY. Deeply conversant in the full range of questions and interpretations of Paul’s letter to the Romans, Jewett's commentary explored the crucial and controverted passages that have always animated studies of Romans. Jewett also incorporated the exciting new insights from archaeology of the city of Rome, social history of early Christianity, social-scientific work on early Christianity, and the interpretation and reception of Paul's letter through the ages.
The first commentary to interpret Romans within the imperial context, Jewett’s landmark commentary, twenty-five years in the making, set the standard for interpretation of Romans for the next generation. Now FROM ROME TO BEIJING offers the companion book to all who would engage in a thorough study of Romans.

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