The Age of Saints

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The Age of Saints PDF ebook download From the 5th to the 7th Century, during a time that historians refer to as the “Dark Ages” there occurred an amazing renaissance in Wales. There was an explosion of the Christian Church with Priests, Abbots and Bishops from Wales preaching the new religion, founding monasteries and baptizing the Celtic people.Wales became known as the Cradle of the Western Church and those early Christian missionaries were venerated as Saints.

Each of these Saints has a story to tell, part myth and part history -though this book makes no attempt to differentiate. The stories of the Saints, abridged for this particular work, are told as they were believed. This is no dry regurgitating of information. Here you will read of the legend of British Christianity as it spreads from the Celtic heartland across to Gaul and even influenced the Holy See at Rome.

Saint David, the patron Saint of Wales, baptized by Saint Elvis of Preseli. Saint Elen who built the Roman roads across Britain. King Brychan Brycheiniog who had 24 children all of whom became Saints and Illtyd, the Breton chieftain whose intellect, memory, and piety drew people from all over Europe to study at his monastery on the south coast of Wales.

Twenty-seven Saints, twenty-seven tales presenting a sample of the rich history and heritage of Wales, this book is written not only for the entertainment of the reader, but also as a starting point for the serious student who would wish to research further into the lives of these remarkable Welsh.

'The Age of Saints: An Illustrated Guide to the Saints of Wales' written by Peter Anthony Freeman (Llanelli, Wales) includes artwork by Ruth Jên Evans, Jen Delyth, Martyn Jones, Anthony Richards, Nathan Wyburn, Siobhan Owen, Kelly Haigh, Sarah Hope, Nichola Hope, Robert Karr, Judy Adamson, Kerry Evans, Jo Mazelis, Liam O’Connor, Eirian Llwyd, Rosa Hughes, Michele Witchipoo, Karen Richards, Briana Lopez, Rochelle Shelly Rosenkild, G.E. Gallas, Xavier Lopez Jr., Kimberly Wlassak, Jason Shepherd, Brian A. Kenny, and Lorin Morgan-Richards.

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