Dirty Business

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Dirty Business PDF ebook download Six sexy stories about getting down and dirty at work.

~ Pleasing by Selena Kitt
Rick's sexy little Asian secretary, Miya, has always been efficient and professional, but one night during a late work session, Rick suddenly starts to think about her in a very unprofessional way. But that's okay, because Miya has been thinking naughty thoughts about Mr. Rick for a long time, and she's perfectly happy to please him in any way he likes...

~ Disciplinary Action by Delilah Fawkes
When Leigh is called into her boss's office, she's sure she's in trouble, but when Ms. Blake tells her she knows about the BDSM website Leigh runs in her free time, she knows she's well and truly screwed.

When her boss decides to punish her for her shameful behavior, Leigh submits. Will she learn her lesson, or will her debasement in the office leave a bad taste in her mouth?

~ The Supplicant Applicant by Carl Chelsea
No longer enjoying her job as a high priced escort, Mindy seeks new employment. Good thing she has the resume to impress and the skills to undress. Can she give head to get ahead, or will she put out and get thrown out? What do you think?

~ Her Very Personal Assistant by Sabrina Vance
Cassie's finally made it to partner at her firm, and with promotion she gets sexy personal assistant, Jack, a dab hand at filing and perfect for lusting over. But Jack isn't willing to just be Cassie's lust object, he wants it for real and one late night in the office is just what he needs to convince her.

~ Begging for Favors by Leota M. Abel
Mona desperately needs Grace's help. Grace is willing to grant Mona her favor, but only after she shows Mona who's really in control in their office. How far will Mona let Grace take her?

~ An Office Virgin by Sean Brandon
Two friends and co-workers have flirted in the office and on the sands of Southern California for four years. When Debbie makes it clear she wants Sean the sex gets hot.

These stories contain sexually explicit material, and are intended only for persons over the age of 18. All of the characters involved in the sexual situations are 18 years of age or older, whether they are explicitly described as such or not.

eBook Dirty Business

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