J.G. Fichte and the Atheism Dispute (1798-1800)

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J.G. Fichte and the Atheism Dispute (1798-1800) PDF ebook download The atheism dispute is one of the most important philosophical controversies of late eighteenth and early nineteenth century Germany. Johann Gottlieb Fichte, one of the leading philosophers of the period, was accused of atheism after publishing his essay 'On the Ground of Our Belief in a Divine Government of the Universe', which he had written in response to Karl Friedrich Forberg's essay 'The Development of the Concept of Religion'. This book brings together the major essays and letters relating to this dispute, many translated from German into English for the first time, with a full commentary on the texts. Bowman and Estes bring to an English speaking audience the full details of this controversy which led to Fichte's resignation from his position at the University of Jena and profoundly influenced his approach to communicating philosophical and religious concepts.

eBook J.G. Fichte and the Atheism Dispute (1798-1800)

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