Orphan of Destiny (The Youngest Templar #3)

PDF-file by Michael P. Spradlin

Orphan of Destiny (The Youngest Templar #3) PDF ebook download Deliver the Grail or die trying...

Having outwitted Sir Hugh in France and taken back possesion of the Grail, Tristan, Robard and Maryam arrive in Dover. Returning to the Abbey where he grew up, Tristan is devastated to find it burned to the ground. Only Brother Tuck remains alive and he has been hiding and living in the woods these past many months, hoping for Tristan's return.
He gives Tristan three letters that will change his life forever.
One from Henry II, Richard the Lionheart's father.
One from Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard's mother.
And one, from Abbot Geoffrey, which will reveal once and for all Tristan's parentage, and his true destiny.

eBook Orphan of Destiny (The Youngest Templar #3)

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