The Edge of Light (At Home in Beldon Grove, #1)

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The Edge of Light (At Home in Beldon Grove, #1) PDF ebook download I didn't really enjoy this one. Almost everything that happened in this book was depressing. It was hardship after hardship, and I never got attached to the characters. I didn't really care what happened to them, which isn't a very good thing to say if they are experiencing difficult times. When reading a story full of misfortunes, I want to sympathize and feel for the characters, but in this case I couldn't. There wasn't much character growth or development, and we never get to know them. The heroine, newly widowed Molly McGarvie, was headstrong, obstinate and even a tad annoying. She wasn't engaging or interesting, and I wanted to feel bad for her when she lost her husband and then her son, but I felt so little acquainted with her character that I couldn't feel anything deep for her.

I'm not sure if this book really falls under the category of "Christian romance", because the hero and heroine have about two scenes together, zero chemistry and reach a very unbelievable understanding. When I reached 75% of this story, and the hero still hadn't reappeared since the beginning, I lost all hope that it was going to have a happy ending, but it did. Just as all the misfortunes happened quickly, one after the other at the beginning, so did better tidings come rapidly succeeding one another at the end. Everything was still wrong at about 90% through, then bam! problem 1 solved, bam! problem 2 solved, bam! problem 3 solved, ah, let's throw a most random HEA with the H/h and hum, oh yeah, let's not bother to tell the heroine's brother all the good things that have happened, even though he got her out of her initial misery and had been all kindness and consideration from the beginning. Whatever, let's just end it. The end.

Do I feel like reading book 2? Nah, not really, I'm good, thanks. Overly depressing books with no engaging characters are simply not my thing.

eBook The Edge of Light (At Home in Beldon Grove, #1)

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