Pastoring Christians for the Workplace (9Marks Journal)

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Pastoring Christians for the Workplace (9Marks Journal) PDF ebook download "The topic of work is a popular one right now among Christian writers and thinkers, which makes sense. When the Monday morning sun breaks through the bedroom curtains, the last residues of Sunday’s joys afforded by the Word and the company of the saints, still lingering lightly in the mind, can dissipate with the sigh, “Time to make the donuts.”

Pastor, how do you prepare your members for Monday’s alarm clock? In this 9Marks Journal on pastoring Christians for the workplace, Pastor J.D. Greear meditates on what is “Christian” about work. Lukas Naugle, a marketplace maverick, points to the lessons that have helped him. Jamie Dunlop and Bari Nichols will help you think about specific groups—the over-ambitious and the worker in the home.

I am especially excited about Sebastian Traeger’s two articles on how the pastor and the business person can better understand and serve one another. In fact it was his ideas that first kicked off the idea of this whole issue. Finally, the article on Business as Missions is worth photocopying and distributing among the business folk in your church."

eBook Pastoring Christians for the Workplace (9Marks Journal)

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