Taylor's Video Guide to Clinical Nursing Skills

PDF-file by Carol R. Taylor

Taylor's Video Guide to Clinical Nursing Skills PDF ebook download From reinforcing fundamental nursing skills to troubleshooting clinical problems on the fly, this dynamic 17-module video series follows a team of nursing students and their instructor as they perform a range of essential nursing procedures. Ideal as a stand-alone learning tool or as a companion to Taylor's Fundamentals of Nursing, these videos parallel the text, with each module corresponding to a book chapter for easy reference.

These exciting videos deliver:

Standardized format introduces each skill using questions and answers; provides detailed, step-by-step coverage of each procedure; and offers valuable tips on avoiding and managing potential problems.
Complete coverage – each video addresses a set of skills essential to daily nursing practice – from assessment of vital signs and administration of medication to wound care, catheter placement, oxygenation, nutrition, and much more.
Guidance on handling unexpected situations help users tackle any scenario with confidence.
Engaging, conversational style presents vital information in a real-world context, without being intimidating or sterile.

Individual Modules:

Module 1: Vital SignsModule 2: AsepsisModule 3: Oral and Topical MedicationsModule 4: Injectable MedicationsModule 5: IV MedicationsModule 6: Perioperative NursingModule 7: HygieneModule 8: Skin Integrity and Wound CareModule 9: ActivityModule 10: NutritionModule 11: Urinary EliminationModule 12: Indwelling and Intermittent CathetersModule 13: Bowel EliminationModule 14: OxygenationModule 15: Tracheostomy CareModule 16: IV TherapyModule 17: Central Venous Access Devices

eBook Taylor's Video Guide to Clinical Nursing Skills

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