An End to Innocence

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An End to Innocence PDF ebook download Says Fiedler of himself, "By instinct and training I am polemical - and preaching to the converted has no appeal for me at all. Of course, I do not enjoy being misunderstood, and have suffered in the past when something written in pure rage and love (my Rosenberg article) has been called 'gloating'.

"But I will always remember with real joy the cry from the soul of a young man I met for a moment and by chance. Discovering that I had written 'Come Back to the Raft', he looked at me reproachfully through a long minute of silence, and then in an impassioned whisper asked: 'Why did you do it?' This, I suspect, is success.

"I think of myself as primarily a literary person, though one whose interest in works of art is dictated by a moral passion rather than a cooler technical concern; and I do not hesitate to admit that I write of politics reluctantly, in a world where to ignore them would mean to be less than human. I have no expert knowledge in political matters and am an indifferent researcher; but I have lived (deeply, though somewhat grudgingly, involved) through a crisis in liberalism which seems to me a major event in the development of the human spirit.

"This crisis I feel peculiarly qualified to describe, precisely because I am a literary man, immune to certain journalistic platitudes and accustomed to regard men and words with a sensibility trained by the newer critical methods. It is a 'close reading' of recent events that I should like to think I have achieved, a reading that does not scant ambiguity or paradox, but tries to give to the testimony of a witness before a Senate committee or the letters of the Rosenbergs the same careful scrutiny we have learned to practice on the shorter poems of John Donne."

eBook An End to Innocence

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