Glorija i druge drame

PDF-file by Ranko Marinković

Glorija i druge drame PDF ebook download The center of the story is the impossible love between a priest and nun, and the conflict of religious life and secular life.

Shortly after the Second World War, in a small parish in Dalmatia priests are trying to break the monotony of small town and one of the youngest, Don Jere, devises a way to strengthen the faith of the people.He thinks that it would be good to replace the statue of the Virgin Mary with a real live nun who would act as a statue and occasionally move her eyes in order to convince the local people in the existence of God.
Don Jere asks the head of the nearby monastery to send him a nun, and they send sister Magdalena, a former circus trapeze artist (her stage name was Glorija, real name Jagoda) who after a close encounter with death decided to turn to God and become a nun.

eBook Glorija i druge drame

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