A Warrior's Heart (Warrior, #1)

PDF-file by Margaret Moore

A Warrior's Heart (Warrior, #1) PDF ebook download Safe Haven

From the moment Emryss Delanyea stole her away to his dark and misty valley filled with ancient magic, Lady Roanna Westercott felt safe for the first time in years. Though he bore the scars of battle, the Welshman seemed invincible. Little did Roanna know how much Emryss would come to depend upon her quiet strength.

Returning home from the Crusades with his body disfigured, Emryss had put aside all thoughts of women and love forever, until he met the Lady Roanna. The fragile woman had a will of iron, but was she strong enough to heal his warrior's heart?

eBook A Warrior's Heart (Warrior, #1)

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