Jolie Blonde (Vigilare, #3)

PDF-file by Brooklyn James

Jolie Blonde (Vigilare, #3) PDF ebook download This is book #3 in The Vigilare Series - A Prequel.

A boy. A girl. A skull. A Vigilare in the making...

Brianna Bentley (A.K.A. Jolie Blonde) lives a privileged life until she accompanies her childhood sweetheart, Lon Castille, on an excursion deep in the Louisiana bayou. The two find an out of this world artifact that changes their lives forever.

Brianna recruits Johnny Vito, resident bad boy, to help them out, causing Lon to grow suspicious. Is it the all-powerful skull or his Jolie Blonde the bad boy is after?

This is the story of an average girl and the one twist of fate that made her extraordinary. This is the story of how the Vigilare—the one who watches over—came to be.

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eBook Jolie Blonde (Vigilare, #3)

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