Power of Three

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Sun-drenched days and lush steamy nights stir strange desires in singleton Laurie Jones.She's been betrayed by her philandering fiancé, but that doesn't mean her libido is dead, no way. In fact the rampant hedonism of the lovers' resort where she's spending her solo honeymoon only makes her feel hornier than ever. Especially when she watches her raunchy neighbours cavorting in a blatant threesome.

But relief is at hand for Laurie in the form of Ed and Denny, two gorgeous hunks sharing another nearby cabana. Golden boy Denny, and dark, enigmatic Ed are red hot for each other, but they also adore women too, and the sexy, generous pair quickly draw Laurie into a sizzling erotic ménage that not only expands her sexual horizons in a way that blows her mind, but also heals the pain inflicted upon her by her lost fiancé.

As the holiday progresses, the three explore each other's bodies in a feast of sensual pleasure and experimentation, forming a close bond that's as emotional as it is physical. But only too soon, it's time to go back home...

Can Laurie's simmering Caribbean idyll become something much deeper when she returns to the cooler shores of England? Can her holiday fling become the love of a lifetime... with two men?

17000 words/approx 43 pages

Warning: this original, never before published work contains explicit scenes of male/male sex, menage a trois sex, and sexual exhibitionism, as well as graphic language only suitable for adult readers.

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