Swimming with the Sharks

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Swimming with the Sharks PDF ebook download Five-foot eleven. Freckled. Flat as a surfboard. Peyton Grady sees her role on the varsity cheer squad as the only thing keeping her off the social sidelines at wealthy Beachwood Preparatory Academy. It's her umbilical cord to cool-and it's constantly in danger of getting cut. As a base, it's Peyton's duty to be stepped on-literally-by cheer queen Lexie Court. So when Lexie hatches a fierce hazing campaign against the frumpy new girl, Peyton has no choice but to support her flier. Soon the pranks become sadistically cruel, even criminal. Suddenly, Peyton has more to lose than her new-found Alpha celebrity. Will she gamble her entire future for "the good of the squad?
"Debbie Reed Fischer's sizzling take on girl hazing and cheer pressure mixes the perfect ration of humor to anger for a compelling, un-put-downable read." Alex Flinn, author of Breathing Underwater.

eBook Swimming with the Sharks

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