How to Be a Totally Awesome Employee

PDF-file by Melody Litton

How to Be a Totally Awesome Employee PDF ebook download It is full of obvious advice to be a better employee but I liked it to probably reread it in the future.

I liked the style of the writing enough that I bought her "How to be an Awesome Zombie" book. Some of the advice is fairly obvious but occasionally I think we need to read such obvious advice to help us be better people. We forget in the bustle of our daily lives. The title of the book could be How to be a Totally Awesome person. There was a few places that had me roll my eyes back in my head such as the place where the ass kissers will eventually be found out. I have not found that to be true AT ALL. I felt the "example stories" might have been made up. However I think this book overall is a good one. Plus for me, I grabbed it when it was free.

eBook How to Be a Totally Awesome Employee

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