Love and the Power of Attention

PDF-file by Sarah McLean

Love and the Power of Attention PDF ebook download Does your personal power mirror the quality of your attention? “Yes!” says best-selling author and modern-day meditation teacher Sarah McLean. Through her 25-year dedication to contemplative practices, she knows that the profound stillness cultivated in meditation can open a doorway for anyone to become aware of—and then intimate with—who they really are. Sarah’s new book, Love and the Power of Attention, offers basic training in accessing your true essence, what she calls your “pure awareness.” Thoughtful questions and meditation exercises guide you on a journey into your inner realm, where more love and fulfillment await you. You’ll open the communion with your pure awareness and discover that its qualities are love, wisdom, and power. You’ll also learn that the currency of your awareness is your conscious, nonjudgmental, clearly focused attention. Through thoughtful exploration and practices, you’ll enhance your ability to focus, become more conscious of what you observe, and explore how you pay attention. Ultimately, you will reclaim your power and become the master of your attention, with a deep understanding that the purest form of its essence is love.

eBook Love and the Power of Attention

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