Exploring Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) (TCP) (Exploring RFC Series Book 1)

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Exploring Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) (TCP) (Exploring RFC Series Book 1) PDF ebook download In this Exploring RFC series we’ll be looking at the very important Transmission Control Protocol more commonly referred to as TCP.

TCP is the backbone of the Internet as we known it today; it provides us with reliable end-to-end transmission of data and much more.

What is 'RFC'?
RFC stands for Request For Comments and are specifications for internet protocols, RFC 793 is the specification for TCP and contains everything about it in lots of detail. We work through them in plain english and with modern diagrams to help you understand.

About the Series
The Exploring RFC series is all about getting back down to basics trawling our way through the internets user manual to find out how things really work. The original RFCs are pretty dull with text-based diagrams and cryptic explanations, we aim to modernise it by working out way through them in an interesting and educational way.

Who Should Read?
While we are covering quite a technical topic this book has been designed to be as accessible as possible, we cover many topics with the aid of fully coloured diagrams (which look fine on the older black n white Kindles too) to break the topics down into easy to understand lessons.

eBook Exploring Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) (TCP) (Exploring RFC Series Book 1)

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