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Couch Potato PDF ebook download I've written numerous plays, including Distant Neighbors, Fire on Earth, Flight, Constant State of Panic, Pieces of Whitey, Blinders, and Reading the Mind of God, which have been staged in theaters across the country. My novel, Tornado Siren, was published by Behler Publications in 2006, and as an ebook in 2011. My latest novel, Moving (a life in boxes) is now available as an ebook and paperback.

I like to start things: I helped start Boston's Rhombus Playwrights writers' group, the Chameleon Stage theatre company in Denver, the Bare Bones Theatre company in New York, the publication Market InSight... for Playwrights, and the on-line Playwrights' Submission Binge.

My plays are published by Playscripts, Brooklyn Publishers, Heuer, Smith & Kraus, Original Works Publishers, YouthPlays, and Volcano Quarterly. My radio plays have been broadcast on NPR and elsewhere. I blog about the writing life at The Writing Life x3.

Both Blinders and Reading the Mind of God were nominated for Best New Play by the Denver Drama Critics Circle. Other awards include the Colorado Arts Innovation Award, a Playwriting Fellowship from the Colorado Council on the Arts, the Festival of Emerging American Theatre, the New American Theatre Festival, the In10 UMBC Competition, and the Market House Theatre One-Act Play Award.

In my spare time, I like to farm, at our small farm site, The Pen and Pepper Farm.

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