The Cambridge Cultural History of Britain, Volume 4

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The Cambridge Cultural History of Britain, Volume 4 PDF ebook download This generously illustrated book is a comprehensive survey of the arts in Britain from 1945. Uniquely, it also reveals the cultural and social setting in which the writers, musicians, architects and artists of the age have worked. An outstanding team of specialist writers explores the main strands of artistic activity in a period characterised by rapid technological change, the Cold War and the rise of youth culture. Artists including Henry Moore and Graham Sutherland and writers like Philip Larkin. Angus Wilson and Doris Lessing emerged in this era. Classical music flourished with Britten, Walton and Tippett and the rapid development of film, television and radio was to leave an indelible imprint on popular culture. An introductory chapter offers a cultural and social backdrop to the period. Fully illustrated chapters follow, written by foremost specialists. One major branch of the arts is explored in each. Special topics include the development of the BBC Third Programme and industrial design. This is a unique bring-together in a single volume of all the main strands of creative life in modern Britain.

eBook The Cambridge Cultural History of Britain, Volume 4

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