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Leavelight PDF ebook download Scientific studies validate that practicing forgiveness, compassion, gratitude and surrender strengthens the immune system, proven to lead to a healthier and longer life. Through a focus on these qualities, LeaveLight's planning process helps dispel fears and makes putting plans in place a journey of personal growth and discovery. Leavelight's six easy steps turn crucial and often avoided end-of-life planning into a fulfilling experience that creates well-being and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.
Step One-CENTER-Purpose and Clearing
The first step is to focus and become centered on your purpose for creating your LeaveLight Legacy. You reflect on the hopes you have for this process and your expectations for completing your legacy. How would you like to be transformed? What burdens do you wish to unload? What fears do you want to face? What loves do you wish to remember and record? By focusing on your intentions, you clear the way for creating a gift that shines with your soul's purpose. In this step, you also begin to identify a circle of family, friends, and service providers to support you and each other through your end-of- life concerns.
Step Two-AIR-Spring of Forgiveness
You look at your personal life, your loved ones and your friends. Here you not only gather together your personal information, data on your birth, marriages, and group affiliations, but you also reflect on your life and the values that you hold true. You consider what your life means to you and what kind of life you want to create for yourself in the future. You consider any grudges and resentments you may hold and look to forgive yourself and those who may have harmed you.
Step Three-WATER-Summer of Compassion
In this step, you address end-of-life health concerns. You document your health history to assist your loved ones with future health issues. You create an advanced directive, specifying wishes for health care should you become incapacitated and unable to speak for yourself. You focus on growing compassion for yourself and others.
Step Four-EARTH-Autumn of Gratitude
Here you review your non-material blessings and also document property, bank accounts, insurance policies, and other material possessions. You have the opportunity to tell your loved ones what value these possessions have had for you and the reasons behind the decisions you have made for their accumulation and eventual distribution. You focus with gratitude on your intangible blessings as well as on your worldly goods.
Step Five-FIRE-Winter of Surrender
In this step you specify plans for your funeral, memorial, obituary, and make other end-of-life choices. You practice letting go of your worldly preoccupations to consider the world of the spirit. Through rituals, visionings, and exercises, you evaluate your beliefs about transitioning from this earth, with the goal of setting yourself free for living each moment of life to its fullest.
Step Six-Coming Full Circle
To come full circle, you create a legacy letter informing your loved ones about your final wishes for yourself and for them. You envision and plan your life of joy and fulfillment.

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