Lewis and Clark

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Lewis and Clark PDF ebook download Julia liked this more than she usually seems to with stories based on fact. I personally love non-fiction and even though I read a lot of fiction of different sorts, in my heart, non-fiction is set in place. I kind of always assumed Julia would love the genre as much as I did. But she really hasn't - not to the degree I'd like to see anyway. Maybe she'll be more of a fiction lover.
She can't read well enough to read this alone so we read this one together. She's not into history or geography enough to really enjoy this yet. She liked the prairie dog angle but that was about it.
The author includes a short note at the end of the story that lets the children know a few things like the fact that Lewis and Clark were real people, Peale was a real artist, and that the pictures Peale painted of Lewis & Clark are in Independence Hall.

eBook Lewis and Clark

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