Story of Stories

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Story of Stories PDF ebook download The Bible contains many of the most fantastic and memorable stories of all timeā€”the great flood, David and Goliath, the empty tomb. These stories are packed with enough verve and vitality to astound and inspire readers on their own. Yet when read as parts of a larger, grander story, each of these stories reveals added depths of artistry and meaning. Still, it is easy to lose sight of how the Bible's narrative threads weave together into one beautiful tapestry. In Story of Stories readers join Karen Lee-Thorp on a guided tour of Scripture where she retells the Bible's major stories, draws out the significance of overlooked subtleties and shows how individual vignettes contribute to Scripture's overarching story of redemption. Readers will find a renewed appreciation for the breadth and depth of the greatest story ever told in these pages. Written with both individuals and groups in mind, this revised and expanded edition includes end-of-chapter reflection questions and a leader's guide for facilitating discussions.

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