Mystic Signals 1

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Mystic Signals 1 PDF ebook download Featuring stories published in The Lorelei Signal & Sorcerous Signals, Mystic Signals will lead you into new realms of magic & imagination. We are also offering 2 stories not found on either website.Here you will meet healers working to save others, a disgraced cop - who proves that being a cop runs deeper than just having a badge and a gun, and host of others: bards, warriors, real estate agents and even the poor daughter of a pig farmer who refuses an offer to become a the wife of an honored general.Our Mystic Signals Exclusive stories:The Dragon's Food by James Stratton introduces us to an elderly oriental dragon who's ideas of what to do with a virgin sacrifice is much different than those of western dragons.The Staff of Amagomon by Adam Francis Smith presents a tale of magic, courage and a daughter willing to defy her father to save others and achieve a great destiny.

eBook Mystic Signals 1

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