The Letter's Whisper {A Short Story}

PDF-file by R.P. Falconer

The Letter's Whisper {A Short Story} PDF ebook download My love for writing stems from seeing my mother read countless books in my childhood years! I can recall her screaming with both laughter and fright over written works from the great Stephen King and Dean R Koontz. Her books bizarrely led me to film as opposed to reading my self. I watched the films Misery, Salem's lot and Pet Sematary before reading them. At a later stage in life I discovered how beautiful a book can really be. I want to eventually be able to make people laugh, cry and care for my books like my mother did hers. I'm a proud Londoner who grew up on the Church Rd estate in Harlesden. I left school with no GCSE's and eventually went to University after finding my way. I'm living proof that you never know where your passion will take you. There is a book in all of us; we all have a story to tell.

eBook The Letter's Whisper {A Short Story}

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