Creating Critical Classrooms

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Creating Critical Classrooms PDF ebook download This popular text articulates a powerful theory of critical literacy-in all its complexity. Critical literacy practices encourage students to use language to question the everyday world, interrogate the relationship between language and power, analyze popular culture and media, understand how power relationships are socially constructed, and consider actions that can be taken to promote social justice. By providing both a model for critical literacy instruction and many examples of how critical practices can be enacted in daily school life in elementary and middle school classrooms, Creating Critical Classrooms meets a huge need for a practical, theoretically based text on this topic.Pedagogical features in each chapter * Teacher-researcher Vignette * Theories that Inform Practice * Critical Literacy Chart * Thought Piece * Invitations for Disruption * Lingering Questions New in the Second Edition * End-of-chapter Voices from the Field * More upper elementary-grade examples * New text sets drawn from Classroom Resources * Streamlined, restructured, revised, and updated throughout * Expanded Companion Website now includes annotated Classroom Resources; Text Sets; Resources by Chapter; Invitations for Students; Literacy Strategies; Additional Resources

eBook Creating Critical Classrooms

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