Exploring Key Issues in Education

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Exploring Key Issues in Education PDF ebook download <div>This book provides an insight into some of the issues and dilemmas that currently face education both from a UK perspective and internationally.<br/><br/>Section 1 considers whether reform changes have really been for the better, with chapters on academies and the privatisation of education; standards and testing; and the choices for parents: public or private education for their children.<br/><br/>Section 2 looks at issues concerning marginalization and education. Here authors focus on faith schools; inner city education; and two studies on the marginalization of white working class children and those from a Romany background.<br/><br/>Section 3 considers pressing global issues, including social pedagogy and looked after children in Europe, the impact of AIDS in Southern and the No Child Left Behind policy in the USA.<br/><br/>Each chapter introduces the issues to be discussed and then takes a critical perspective to explore them further. Full pedagogical features such as case studies, boxes for further reading and key questions are given throughout, making this text an engaging course companion for Education Studies students.</div>>

eBook Exploring Key Issues in Education

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