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Sigmund Freud PDF ebook download Psychoanalyst Dr David Bell has chosen to discuss Sigmund Freud by Richard Wollheim on FiveBooks as one of the top five on his subject - Psychoanalysis, saying that:

“…The Wollheim book on Freud was written as part of a series on Modern Masters and, unusually, they chose a philosopher to do Freud. This was remarkable, particularly in the British context, because Britain was not feeling particularly hospitable to Freud at that time, the early 1970s. It’s a short book and I always recommend it as an introduction to Freud because Wollheim brings an extremely philosophical mind to the subject and a mind that deeply understands psychoanalysis. He maps out the logical geography of Freud’s thought, including the early period leading up to the publication of The Interpretation of Dreams and the Studies on Hysteria, and he takes us through the model of the mind and into the broader reaches of Freud’s thought. …”

The full interview is available here:

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