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FUBAR ACE OF SPADES (NET) (MR) PDF ebook download This is just one among the 2014 Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) sponsored comics that I had gotten. Its interesting plot of the involvement of zombies that the U.S. had encountered in their action of killing Osama Bin Laden is definitely a head turner for this comic. It contains two stories namely The Ace of Spades and Zero Dead Thirty.

This FCBD 2014 comic from FUBAR Press is an enjoyable one. From what I've learned from the contents of this comic is that FUBAR mostly creates fictional histories that involves zombies. Well that concept fitted nicely in this event in our history. Mostly the things that got me confused was from the second story. There's a strange thing that I've noticed with regards to the ones worn on the eyes by these U.S. pursuit team. They have these four ocular lenses that I really can't place on what the two additional oculars are for since the human body only has two eyes. Well aside from those stuffs from the second story, everything was an enjoyable read for me.

It is still a good thing that these are just fictional accounts of our history. If these accounts had indeed happened, it might have been FUBAR for us if zombies are now used as a biological weapon.

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