Duncan's Descent (Ethereal Foes, #2)

PDF-file by Marie Harte

Duncan's Descent (Ethereal Foes, #2) PDF ebook download 'Tis far better to love in hell than to live in heaven. Ethereal Foes series As a demon of the Ethereal, it's Duncan Sinclair's job to sway humans toward the path to hell. Duncan is very good at his job-until a prank gone wrong lands him in the upper realm doing penance. Now he's being bombarded with love, kindness, and affectionate sex.and it's killing him. The only way out is to agree to sway souls for heaven, with an angel as his partner, by all that's unholySapphira may be an angel of the upper realm, but she chafes in a bland existence where everything is so pure. It's hard to hide her secret yearning for sin. Even harder with Duncan, who's everything the dark core of her soul craves: handsome, sexy and refreshingly naughty. Confronted with an angel who drinks, swears, and takes him to bliss with her sinfully delightful body, Duncan finds himself at risk of losing his heart to the enemy. Loving this angel could land him right where he doesn't want to be-heaven. But what's a demon to do when he's falling? Warning: This title contains annoying angels, smart-assed demons, beer, hotter-than-hell sex, and justice for all.

eBook Duncan's Descent (Ethereal Foes, #2)

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