One for the Road (Forbidden Fantasies) (Forbidden Fantasies) (Harlequin Blaze #387)

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One for the Road (Forbidden Fantasies) (Forbidden Fantasies) (Harlequin Blaze #387) PDF ebook download A dull job, boring relationships. Life was a yawn when Lucy Christie decided to hit the road with her best friend. But she didn't know just how much her dream vacation—a drive down Route 66 in search of no-questions-asked, guilt-free sexual encounters—would shake things up.Her first conquest was Joshua, a cowboy with fancy boots and hips made for sin, a man who filled in every gap in her previously limited sexual education. In fact, he was so good, Lucy regretted having to give him up. But when she tried moving on to the next "drive-by seduction," her demanding lover tagged along...intent on seducing her stop after stop

eBook One for the Road (Forbidden Fantasies) (Forbidden Fantasies) (Harlequin Blaze #387)

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