Angels from Hell

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Angels from Hell PDF ebook download Forced to rely on a man she doesn’t trust, can Claire Decker save the only family she has left and keep her heart safe in the process?
When Claire’s little brother bought a Harley after his 18th birthday, she never expected that four years later he’d be moving across the country and joining a motorcycle club. Time went by and they slowly lost touch. But when she is fired and kicked out of her apartment on her 35th birthday she has option but to give Charlie a call.

Jason Shepard is not pleased. Shep and Charlie Decker became brothers after joining the Kings of Chaos MC together. But when Charlie tells Shep that his sister Claire is coming to stay in the townhouse they share, Shep is less than pleased. Things go from bad to worse when Shep actually meets Claire.
Soft, blond hair, shining, sky-blue eyes, and legs that seem to go on forever, Claire is someone whom Shep wants more than any other woman he’s ever seen before.

Claire’s staying far away from the tattoo-covered, motorcycle-riding bad boy who just so happens to set her heart pounding and turns her blood hot in her veins. Likewise, Shep does his best to stay far away from complication and this girl—no matter how sexy—has complicated written all over her.

eBook Angels from Hell

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