A Daughter's Heart

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A Daughter's Heart PDF ebook download Hannalee comes of age in a well-guarded orphanage. A photo album her father made introduces her to her mother, and she daydreams of their meeting one day. But the harsh reality of being unwanted strips away the façade of her imaginings. Through caring for a young infant who comes to the home, she learns about love and forgiveness through her father’s eyes. When she learns her mother is in danger, she climbs the wall surrounding the orphanage, determined to find her. The world she enters is dark and cold, far different from her home where she once basked in her father’s warmth and love. A cross between Lovely Bones, The Shack, and Sixth Sense, A Daughter’s Heart reveals the consequences of choices and the loving sacrifice required for redemption.

A DAUGHTER’S HEART is a sweet combination of past, present, and future—the kind of story that only a talented writer could pull off!
—Michelle Stimpson - Author, Speaker, Educator

Leanna once again weaves a beautiful story of a Father’s patience and hope as He holds out love and waits for His child to embrace it and come home.
But it isn’t just any story. It’s everyone’s story. Maybe it’s YOUR story.
—Jerri Phillips – Author, Speaker

eBook A Daughter's Heart

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