A Conard County Reckoning (Conard County, #9)

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A Conard County Reckoning (Conard County, #9) PDF ebook download I don't know why I keep on reading these Rachel Lee books.As usual with her books, I ended up skimming it.It was just so boring.Janet is back home in Conard County, pregnant and unwed, having been cheated on and then dumped by her boyfriend.She's pretty upset about the situation and ends up renting out a small house kind of in the wilderness, where she meets Abel, a cop who's camping in the area.When she and her family and various of their friends are targeted by a stalker, Abel protects her and they become involved.

Boring!! So boring.And full of cliches I've come to hate.Like her being so shocked and offended when her ex-boyfriend suggested she get an abortion.I'm not saying she should have gotten an abortion.Just that I don't like the possibility being presented like an crime, and I also don't like her refusal being used as a device to show what a wonderful person she is.I guess the book was written in a slightly different time.And then there's her constant worrying about her baby and protecting her baby and she has to do what's right for her baby...Ugh.I just can't stand that sort of thing.I didn't see much chemistry between her and Abel and really just wasn't drawn in at any moment.This book was really just sort of yet another of a particular genre, totally uninteresting, bordering on being a waste of time, which isn't something I say very often even about bad books.

eBook A Conard County Reckoning (Conard County, #9)

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