Big Deuce (The Tom Dreyfus Novels)

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Big Deuce (The Tom Dreyfus Novels) PDF ebook download Set in Los Angeles in 1946, My Sweet Lorraine is a story of corruption, passion, loyalty, and of a homicide detective’s biggest mistake...

Cynical veteran, Tom Dreyfus is called from vacation to do a favor for his boss: work what appears to be a routine investigation into the brutal murder of a beautiful young call girl.

As Dreyfus and his partner, Munson, work scant evidence they uncover the woman was desperately trying to escape the sordid business, and that her clientele were some of the most powerful men in Los Angeles.

Here are characters and dialogue that will stay in your head long after you’ve finished the book. Echoing Raymond Chandler, Elmore Leonard, Walter Mosley, and the Polanski-Towne film noir masterpiece, Chinatown, My Sweet Lorraine will go the distance to deliver a KO to the jaw. Better keep your guard up, because whatever happens is going to happen the hard way.


In 1949 the term ‘serial killer’ didn’t exist; a psychopath just exhibited the same MO.

Tom Dreyfus and his partner, Munson are back in Jake Leg and it’s the hottest summer on record in Los Angeles.

In this sequel to My Sweet Lorraine they investigate a series of four brutal murders of homeless men and women, seemingly anonymous faces on the streets that no one, especially the DA, cares about.

Each of the victims was at one time a prominent member of society, and each had fallen from grace. Not one seems to have offered the least resistance to his killer.

It’s a race against time to find victim number five before the psycho, the self-proclaimed ‘Angel of Mercy,’ does.

eBook Big Deuce (The Tom Dreyfus Novels)

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