Love and a Sword

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Love and a Sword PDF ebook download George Douglas Brown (26 January 1869 - 28 August 1902) is widely regarded as a one-book author, though this republication will try to correct that impression by making available again the text of his "other" novel - Love and a Sword (1899) — written under the name of Kennedy King — as well as a short story, writing as George Douglas, which he placed in Sandow's Magazine for the same year. While The House with the Green Shutters (published on both sides of the Atlantic in 1901, and slowly recognised as a classic) was to ensure his continuing reputation as a fiercely realistic and anti-romantic Scottish novelist, it is hardly fair to a busy and a tragically short lifetime to remember Brown for only this. Ian Campbell joined the English department of Edinburgh University in 1964, and in 2009 retired as Emeritus Professor of Scottish and Victorian Literature. He is one of the senior editors of the Duke-Edinburgh edition of the Carlyles' complete correspondence.

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