Lobo & Popo Fool the Pack (The Adventures of Lovable Lobo, #1)

PDF-file by C.L. Murphy

Lobo & Popo Fool the Pack (The Adventures of Lovable Lobo, #1) PDF ebook download Lobo is an interesting wolf with a long brown nose and bright brown eyes. When he is eating dandelions, he looks much like my cat after he has had too much catnip. The illustrations nicely detailed. The brightly colored illustrations turn grey to signify the night in this all-day adventure.

I liked the story. Lobo is different from the other wolves and refuses to take part in something he hates. Good for him! Fooling the pack leader may have worked . . . this time. Using his opossum friend was smart. What better to pretend to be dead than the animal designed to play opossum? What I would have liked Lobo to find a way to tell the pack leader that he was not a carnivore, but a herbivore. Lobo is okay with his diet. It would have been courageous of the misunderstood Lobo to tell the rest of his pack.

I really do like this story of a misunderstood character. But, the ending would have been better if Lobo and Popo did not walk away laughing (okay), yet wondering if they had succeeded(nervous laugh?). In a novel, this would be a loose thread left dangling. Some sensitive, thoughtful, or inquisitive child is going to want to know what will happen to Lobo when he goes back home. And why shouldn’t he when even Lobo is not sure he was successful? Asking the reader what they think will start a discussion, which is good.

This is C.L. Murphy’s debut and she did well. Writing and illustrating are tough to jobs. Doing both jobs must be extremely difficult, especially for a first book. Ms. Murphy delivered a good debut children’s book.

eBook Lobo & Popo Fool the Pack (The Adventures of Lovable Lobo, #1)

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