Sense of Touch

PDF-file by Susan R. Hughes

Sense of Touch PDF ebook download In the wake of the Halifax Explosion in 1917, the sense of loss was overwhelming. The blast destroyed Amy’s home and killed her parents, while Sean lost his eyesight and the little sister he’d promised to protect. In the midst of disaster Amy and Sean found each other, if only briefly, as she helped him escape the destruction of the city.

Another chance encounter reunites them in 1923. Amy’s disfiguring scars and her need for security have led her to consider marrying a man she doesn’t love—until the touch of Sean’s hand sparks a desire for something more.

As their friendship blossoms into a passionate affair, Sean finds hope and strength in Amy’s arms—but as he struggles to find a sense of purpose without his sight, can love alone mend the deepest wounds of the heart?

eBook Sense of Touch

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