Preacher's Fury (The First Mountain Man, #18)

PDF-file by William W. Johnstone

Preacher's Fury (The First Mountain Man, #18) PDF ebook download "A Woman For The Winter. Montana Territory and a band of Assiniboine Indians give Preacher shelter for the winter. A beautiful woman named Ravens Wing makes the sheltering even betteronce he gets things straight with a jealous brave who wants to lift Preachers scalp. A Fire In The Night. Across the border is another wanderer and another tribe. Preachers old enemy, Willie Deaver, plies a band of Indians with the deadliest combination possible: whisky, guns and bulletsthen directs them to try out their killing tools on the Assiniboine. The raid reaps a harvest of devastating death, bloodshed and helpless captives. Deaver is all the more delighted when he learns Preacher is among the fallen. And The Fury Of A Mountain Man But in the driving, drifting snow, with a handful of bloodied survivors by his side, Preacher is rising: a rifle in his hands, red-hot fury in his heart, and icy vengeance in his gun sight"— Cover verso.

eBook Preacher's Fury (The First Mountain Man, #18)

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