One Murder Too Many

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One Murder Too Many PDF ebook download In an unusual dual biography, authors Laurence J. Yadon and Robert Barr Smith explore this compelling criminal case from both sides. Tulsa computer tycoon Roger Wheeler was the victim and organized crime boss Whitey Bulger was the criminal-or so it seemed. Through a fascinating examination of information related to both men, the authors break down the facade and expose the underlying truths in this decades-long case. Wheeler, a well-known entrepreneur, discovered that one of his investments was being skimmed by organized crime in Boston. As Wheeler began to unravel the money trail, Bulger's White Hill gang scurried to cover their tracks. Wheeler rejected the gang's alleged attempts to stop his investigation, mistakenly believing his many well-funded connections within the FBI would protect him. Wheeler was assassinated in May of 1981 and Bulger quickly dropped out of sight. In the ensuing years, Wheeler's family never gave up their pursuit of justice. Their perseverance paid off when Bulger was apprehended in June of 2011. This riveting true story lays out how the unrelenting efforts of the family of a murdered Oklahoma businessman led to this crime boss's downfall. Yadon and Smith provide insight into the development of organized crime in American and its stronghold in Boston while following and uncovering all the murky details of this groundbreaking case.

eBook One Murder Too Many

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