Dying to Be Young

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Dying to Be Young PDF ebook download I have known Dr. Kaplan as a friend, the family chiropractor, and an incredible motivator and now as an author who has lived to share his purposeful message. Imagine making one choice that could send you to a place of unimaginable suffering. That s what happened to my friend Eric and his dear wife Bonnie. They could have given up, but chose to turn inward and found a power and insight so far beyond the physical self. Their courageous story teaches us to be grateful in all that God has given and to draw wisdom from all of our challenges. Anyone who reads this book will be blessed and know that yes, we are responsible for our choices but there is so much love and guidance available to us if we just ask, and listen. Living, Loving, be ing, accepting the moment and ourselves is the greatest gift!! Thank you Eric, for stepping so deeply into the divine space and bringing back such wisdom to share. If anyone would live to uplift others I knew it would be you! Marla Maples"

eBook Dying to Be Young

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