All the Stars Came Out That Night

PDF-file by Kevin King

All the Stars Came Out That Night PDF ebook download Kevin King’s debut novel, All the Stars Came Out That Night, is a vivid portrait of Depression-era America written in a voice at once humorous and poetic. Set at Boston’s Fenway Park on October 20, 1943, All the Stars Came Out That Night imagines a late-night baseball game bankrolled by Henry Ford, pitting Dizzy Dean’s all-white all-stars against Satchel Paige’s black all-stars. Not a contest waged for money or trophies, the outcome of this game carries with it both the weight of a historic injustice—the barring of blacks from baseball—and the promise of vindication and redemption. Steeped in baseball lore and featuring an array of iconic American figures—from Babe Ruth to Clarence Darrow—All the Stars Came Out That Nightfar transcends the sport of baseball, creating a tale that is mythic, captivating, and above all, quintessentially American.

eBook All the Stars Came Out That Night

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