Advances in Soil Science, Volume 8

PDF-file by Bobby A. Stewart

Advances in Soil Science, Volume 8 PDF ebook download Advances in Soil Science is a review series relevant to all areas of soil science. These reviews, intended primarily for scientists, teachers, and students of soil science, also provide technical background information for many additional workers and groups interested in our natural resources and man's influence on them. This is the eighth volume in the series with an international list of contributors from the United States, India, Canada and New Zealand. It contains four review chapters on the following subjects: factors affecting aluminum transformations in soil; soil productivity in dryland regions of developing countries; changes in soil structure under different cropping systems; properties and management of the depleted soils of India. These contributions present valuable information on a diversity of topics and serve as an excellent source of references.

eBook Advances in Soil Science, Volume 8

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