Selling to the New Elite

PDF-file by Jim Taylor

Selling to the New Elite PDF ebook download Based on unprecedented research, "The New Elite" took a behind-the-scenes look at America's most powerful and influential class—what motivates them, how they think, where they shop, and how they really spend their money. In this practical and fascinating follow-up, the authors reveal how salespeople and marketers can hone in on this wealthy class, pique their interest, and convert them into loyal customers. Presenting the best practices behind hundreds of mutually satisfying interactions between salespeople and buyers—based on studies of elite companies such as Lexus, Chanel, Neiman Marcus, Four Seasons, Cartier, and Louis Vuitton—"Selling to the New Elite" reveals what the truly rich want from brands, what they expect from the marketplace, and how the Great Recession has reshaped their purchasing patterns. Loaded with insight and indispensable techniques, this one-of-a-kind guide shows readers everywhere how they can win over the wealthiest customers...and become rich themselves.

eBook Selling to the New Elite

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