Miss August

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Miss August PDF ebook download This book is part of the Calendar Girls series.When Shelley August accepts a position as Robert Brooks' secretary, she knows he's handsome. She knows he's sexy. She even knows he's off limits. What she doesn't know is that the man is sheer temptation—sin and sensuality packaged in the hottest body she's ever laid eyes on.Robert Brooks hasn't had a woman since 2005. He's starved for the erotic heat of a soft, feminine body writhing beneath his. His new secretary is voluptuous and then some. No wonder she turns him on. At least, that's how he rationalizes his attraction to Shelley. But love isn't always rational, he discovers.When Shelley took the job, she never expected to find love. When Rob hired her, he didn't even believe in the illusory emotion. But when love finally finds Rob, he knows how to hold on to it. Things are about to heat up for Miss August.

eBook Miss August

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