Almas que pasan

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Almas que pasan PDF ebook download His real name was Juan Crisóstomo Ruiz de Nervo y Ordaz. He is one of the most important Mexican poets of the 19th century. Journalist and poet, author of numerous poems, essays and novels. He was part of the modernism movement.
He met his wife in Paris in 1901, Ana Cecilia Luisa Dailliez. And at her death in 1912 he wrote the famous poems of "La amada inmovil" which were published posthumously in 1922.
Some of his most important work lists: "Perlas negras" poesía (1896), "Poemas" published in París (1901),"El éxodo y las flores del camino" poesía (1902), "Serenidad" poesía (1912), "Plenitud" poesía (1918), "La amada inmovil" (1922) "La raza de bronce".

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